Established in 2014, the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), NAFTANEXT aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of trade in North America. NAFTANEXT held its inaugural meeting with a tri-national summit in Chicago in 2014. It was attended by more than 250 private sector, government, and stakeholder organizations who shared their views on a long-term vision for a sustainable North American economy. In 2016, NAFTANEXT held a Hill Roundtable, giving regional companies and pro-trade stakeholders a platform to highlight the resources afforded to small and medium-sized businesses from NAFTA.

Working to rebalance the conversation on trade through summits, meetings, and social media, NAFTANEXT is giving a voice to the positives of North American trade. Keep up to date on the latest trade news, follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/naftanext.



The mission of NAFTANEXT is to raise public awareness of the benefits of trade in North America while mitigating the spurious claims that have proliferated unchecked since the implementation of NAFTA. NAFTANEXT aims to synthesize various sources of insight and support for trade agreements and publicize those sources to bring attention to the past, present and future value of both our tri-national North American relationship and trade generally.



  • Bring national attention to the benefits of the North American trade relationship
  • Educate members of Congress through meetings and roundtables to develop consensus about the positives of trade generally, and NAFTA specifically
  • Educate the public through social media and traditional media outreach to increase appreciation of trade and understanding of how trade affects their everyday lives