The 2016 NAFTANEXT Roundtable will take place at:

Capitol Visitors Center

First St NW
Washington, DC 20515

The U.S. Capitol Visitor Center is located underground on the east side of the Capitol and is the newest addition to the historic U.S. Capitol. It  grew out of the realization that while the Capitol evolved with a changing nation and the growing needs of Congress, in recent decades it failed to keep pace with the requirements of an ever-increasing number of visitors.

The Capitol Visitor Center contains space for exhibits, visitor comfort, food service, two orientation theaters, an auditorium, gift shops, security, a service tunnel for truck loading and deliveries, mechanical facilities, storage, and office space for the House and Senate.

The Visitor Center preserves and maximizes public access to the Capitol while greatly enhancing the experience for the millions who come each year to walk its historic corridors and experience the democratic process in action.